Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Modest proposal

I went to a wedding this weekend with my family and it was a wonderful event with lots and lots of members of my church there. At the reception we were considering the cost of a wedding and I was thinking that with three daughters I could well be spending a lot on parties over the next decade or so and then I came up with an idea that might just help: corporate sponsorship for weddings.

This is an idea with potential. Imagine, just before the vows, the pastor says “and now I’d like you to face each other and recite your vows, these vows are part of the Blockbuster Video wedding series.” We could use product placement. Before he introduces the couple he could say “before the couple leaves for their honeymoon in their Ford F-150 pickup truck, it is my great pleasure to be the first to introduce…” or you could just make sure you have a can of Coke casually displayed on the organ and next to the unity candle. You could just have notes in the program like “tuxedos sponsored by taco bell” or “this wedding sponsored by McDonalds, official fast food of the happy couple.” The rings could have corporate logos on them. The slide show at the reception could have ads placed in them. The list just goes on and on.

In fact, churches could get corporate sponsors for their worship spaces. Fourteenth street church could be the United Airlines 14th St CRC. We wouldn’t have to change much – just push all the seats closer together and start everything about 20 minutes late.

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jimmy said...

"In case of a sudden loss of liturgical direction, hymnals will come out of the back of the pew in front of you. Please make sure you have your own hymnal open to the right page before assisting children and others with their hymnals. In case of emergency, your pew cushion can be used as a flotation device. Please also look around and locate the nearest communion elements, keeping in mind that they may be behind you. If there is a loss of power, lights on the aisle will illuminate. Please follow the instructions of the pastor and usher."