Monday, December 11, 2006

Reset your rss feed

I recently switched to the beta version of blogger and discovered that none of my rss feeds pick up my blog anymore. That means that if you read my blog via bloglines or some other rss feeder you'll have to resubscribe. Of course, if you do that you might never see this note! (I also had to tell facebook how to import this new feed as a note, something I hadn't thought of previously.)

This isn't just true for my blog - as anyone switches over their feed will change as well. So check on all the blogs you read that way.

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Ron Hatton said...

I had done the same thing, Bob, switching to the new blogger. I got this feed no problem, btw, but if you have sitemeter or something like that, you may have to re-insert the code for same. I had been wondering why I no longer had any hits until I discovered this.