Saturday, October 13, 2007

24 Season One – not so sure about Nina

Warning: in case you haven't watched Season One of 24 yet, there are spoilers in this review.

I'm watching the first season of 24 again. It's been a little over a year since I got the DVDs for the first season and I'm really enjoying watching them again. One of the things that is fun, of course, is knowing what's going to happen and then seeing if there are any hints along the way that, had I been smart enough the first time through, could have lead me to guess what might happen. The big surprise at the end of season one is that Nina, who is seen as Jack's primary confidant, turns out to be a traitor. So, I thought to myself, were there hints of this earlier in the season?

I come to the conclusion that there are absolutely no hints about this until possibly the end of episode 21 – and even then it is just maybe a look in her eye. This is the point at which I think we have the very first bad thing that goes on where Nina might be complicit – how else would the bad guys know that Kim is on her way back to CTU in the police car unless someone in CIT told them?

Earlier there had been the hit on the safe house in something like episode 15 which may or may not have been set up by Nina. I don't think it was - at least I don't think the writers knew it at the time becasue she was there helping Teri and Kim. She left the house because Teri got weird about Nina's relationship with Jack, not because she knew a hit was coming. It could be argued that she used Teri's weirdness as a convenient excuse to get out of there but I really think the writers just wanted her out of there to keep her safe and put Teri and Kim in danger. I don't think they decided that Nina was a traitor until near the end of the season.

OK, 24 watchers – what do you think? What did I miss?


Michael Krahn said...
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Bob K said...

The above comment was deleted because it contained a season 7 spoiler.

Rachel said...

I just got into 24 this summer and I was CRUSHED when we found out that Nina was the traitor. I agree with you that there weren't any hints given throughout the season. I used to be really into ER, and on the message boards we used the actors' other projects and contract negotiations to predict which way storylines would turn. My first thought was that Sarah Clarke(Nina) had some other project that was in limbo until the end of season one, but then again Nina was back for a lot of the second half of season two. It would be interesting to watch this season again and see if they left the door open to anyone else being the traitor. Tony maybe? Or Mason?