Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Hard Winter?

Think we're having a tough winter in West Michigan? Here is some data from Weather Underground

Statement as of 6:56 PM EST on February 19, 2008

... Record winter time snowfall set at Grand Rapids...
A record winter (dec through feb) snowfall of 87.6 inches has been
set at Grand Rapids as of 7 PM this evening. The previous record was
85.1 inches set during the winter of 1951-1952.

The record snowfall for February is 35.5 inches set in 1900.
Currently the total snowfall for February in Grand Rapids through 7
PM this evening is 34.3 inches. That puts February 2008 in second
place for the snowiest February on record. Since it is still snowing
at Grand Rapids it is more than possible that by midnight Grand
Rapids will also set the all time record for snowiest February on
record. February 2007 is now in third place with 33.6 inches of
This means that we've had the two worst Februarys in the last 100 years this year and last year. And note that this is only February 19 - we still have a long ways to go before winter is done. Maybe living in Holland and driving to Grand Rapids isn't such a great idea...

[EDIT] As of 7 AM on Feb 20 we broke the record:
... Record February snowfall set at Grand Rapids...

The record snowfall as of yesterday for the month of February is
35.5 inches which was set in 1900. The total snowfall for today is
0.3 inches since midnight.

Grand Rapids has now set the all time record for snowiest February
with 35.6 inches as of 7 am today.

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