Thursday, September 11, 2008

the ipod album shuffle

When I got my new mac computer it once again reset all of the playcounts on my itunes back to zero making all of the carefully planned playlists that I used obsolete. This was the second time in a month so I was a little disconcerted.

So, on a whim, I changed my way of listening to music on itunes and my ipod. (This actually first occurred to me on an airplane during 3 and a half hours on the tarmac at Newark Airport.) I switched from song shuffle to album shuffle. Now when I listen to either my ipod or itunes it starts at the first song on a random album that I had not heard in x days (right now x is set to 150 but once I get through everything I'll reset it to a number that works better.) If I stop before the album is finished it picks it up at some other time.

This way I'm hearing albums the way that the artists intended but I'm also having the fun of randomly hearing things. This morning, for example, I turned on my computer at work and started playing Led Zeppelin II - not exactly morning music but it got me going! I would not have picked it but by the time I was up to the third song I was into it.

I have a lot of random songs that have been downloaded over time so I get individual songs interspersed with albums so I never really know what I'm going to get when I listen. I also mix newly acquired albums in more frequently.

I have completely embraced my inner geek - just in case you haven't figured that out.


Isorski said...

Bob - that is pretty cool! Hey, I just ordered a 24 inch iMac and expect it to arrive this week. Any tips on making the move from the PC? (Now you can put your inner geek to WORK!)

Bob K said...

OK, here's the tip that I most wish I'd had at first. When you move all your files around you might find that, while the interface for Finder is cool it is different enough that moving files from one folder to another was just a little weird for me - I didn't know where anything was for a long time.

Two thing: First of all, command N opens a new Finder window when you have Finder open. It is real helpful to have more than one window available at a time. Thing #2, use the search space at the top of the window - it works MUCH better than search does on a PC - in other words, it is actually useful. And it's fast!

Isorski said...

Very helpful. Thanks! I am getting used to the Finder. It is for sure a different experience.