Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Calvin Prof's Book Wins Newbery Honor

Calvin College - News - Calvin Prof's Book Wins Newbery Honor

Congrats to Gary Schmidt on his Newbery award. Pretty impressive.

I like to write about things I'm listening to, partly because I like to do that, but also because I can write about things that I think and I'm not giving away too much info about my personal life. I have an aversion to people who use their weblogs as a personal diary. Too much information and, frankly, I've seen examples of people writing things that have been hurtful to others. This just isn't appropriate in a public forum. Would you ever stand up in public and say these things out loud? If not, your weblog is at least as public - probably more so.

So why am I not writing about what I'm listening to? Because I have been listening to very little lately. On my trip to Ireland and England I listened very little and since we're doing remodeling at home my stereo is out of commission (the horror!). Plus, I've been working from home a bit more so even my commute listening has been limited.

Soon, though, I'll be back to my normal bloggery.

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