Thursday, February 17, 2005

Things Bethany wrote: salvific technology

I read this thing Bethany wrote and made a comment but I thought it might make an interesting blog entry on it's own so here it is, almost word for word from my comment on Bethany's blog. I am preparing for a presnetation now and her comments about Salvific technology fit in.

Tech can bring a church closer together but it can also create a divide between those who have (or use) and those who don't (or don't). I'm thinking a lot today about older members as I prepare for another intergenerational presentation and many (but not all) of them are less technologically adept than the younger ones. In fact, I know few older people who have blogs - I may be the oldest person I know with one. Does this technology serve as another way in which the generations are being driven apart rather than brought together? Should we eschew things like this that tend to break us into generational groups?


bethany said...

the trouble is, though, technology will cause this divide if it's part of the church particularly or not. I mean, I'll blog, whether it's about church or entertainment or my social life, no matter what you say. So is it better to create a church-related community among technology users even though it alienates non-users, or to avoid using technology for the benefit of the church?

John Brink said...

I don't believe that it is one or the other. The church is about serving one another which means that the technology users can use their talents while the non-technology users use their unique gifts. By respecting each others unique gifts the church becomes stronger and glorifies Christ more, presenting a more unified face (body) to the world around us.