Friday, May 20, 2005

The Beatles

I’ve been watching The Beatles Anthology DVD over the past couple of weeks and that has reminded me to listen to The White Album (actually named The Beatles) on my commute. What a wonderful album this is! I remember back in 1968 when, as a high school freshman, I got this album and was absolutely astonished at the way that the Beatles had once again morphed from the psychedelic Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt Pepper summer-of-love house band to produce this wonderful eclectic collection of songs. I remember that some reviewer said that this album proved it was clear that Lennon-McCartney were the most accomplished songwriters since Strauss.

The things that really stick out on this album, aside from how many amazing songs are on it, is that the styles that the Beatles go through range from 40’s jazz standards (“Honey Pie”) to a send-up of late 60’s British Blues (“Yer Blues”) to a Beach Boys tribute (“Back in the USSR”) and every where in between ending with a syrupy string-laden finale (“Good Night”).

My main reason for writing this entry is that I am aware that a number of my readers are in their early 20’s (you know who you are) and some of them may not have grown up in a house that exposed them to the classics. If this is an album with which you are not familiar, get it and listen repeatedly until you realize why it’s so great.

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