Thursday, November 24, 2005

'Alias' Over in May

Disappointing. Zap2it - TV news - 'Alias' Over in May

Alias was one of two shows I watched consistently. The premise is completely preposterous but yet, from the very first episode, they had me. I liked the way the show had multiple layers happening, especially in the first year where every mission was two missions in one - an SD6 mission and, at the same time, a secret CIA mission. The intrigue and overall coolness of the show made it a can't-miss for me. And I haven't! Not in four and a half years.

They tried to reinvent themselves this year and I think things were going well. I like the new characters and especially like the way the missions are more team focussed instead of just Sydney. I like Rachel (the new spy) a lot and I also like not having a clue what Sloan is really up to. But this year they were struggling with ratings and there just wasn't enough momentum to keep it on the air. I knew the cancellation was coming. It was pretty widely predicted - but I'm still not happy about it. At least this way the writers can bring the series to a conclusion knowing it will be the end.

Its a good thing there are DVDs of past seasons - I'm in the midst of watching season four now!


MattyA said...

I don't get a lot of news over here (although a surprisingly high percentage of it is about the American entertainment industry), so thanks for breaking the bad news to me. I have to admit I never watched Alias in the states, but in September a fellow American teacher loaned my two teammates and me the first two seasons. From episode one we had such a good time laughing at the preposterous plots that we got hooked. Of course, even as we were laughing at the show, we were developing strong connections to the characters, not to mention it's just plain good fun.

It also became my way to bond with these two middle aged women with whom I share a kitchen and living room. The discussions that occur after or during episodes have helped our friendship develop, and it makes my day when one of them will sneak up behind me in the hallway at school and start in with the "Alias-talk" (Boyscout, this is Freelancer. I have the artifact and am preparing for the dead drop.). We just started in on season three (we average two or three episodes a week), so I'll have to tell them that we'll need to find a new diversion for those long cold Budapest winter nights.

Bob K said...

I'm glad to hear that you have joined the small legion of Alias fans. If you just started season three you have all of season four to work on as well so you have many weeks to go before you run out. As you're watching don't despair when season 3 doesn't seem as cool as seasons 1 and 2 (although I liked it better on DVD than I did when it was broadcast). It gets better again in season four, especially near the end.