Friday, November 04, 2005

Does Electrocution Happen for a Reason? - Christianity Today Magazine

Did you hear about the pastor who got electrocuted while baptizing someone? It sounds like the opening for a joke doesn't it? It's not. It really happened this past Sunday. Kyle Lake from Waco Texas was in the baptismal font of his church in front of 800 people and went to adjust the microphone. For some reason, when I read David Crowder's post about him - turns out Lake was David's pastor - the situation became a lot more real to me. (see my review of David's latest album.) He went from being "some pastor in Texas" to a person who had a family, friends and a ministry. Then I ran across this article at Christianity Today online and felt that the church had lost a potential leader. I found his writings about Romans 8:28 especially compelling, given the circumstances. I think it's worth reading

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Bar Bar A said...

Thanks for sharing this. I know someone who knows him, in fact the former pastor of that church in Waco is a friend of mine. So it really does hit home when the person is not just a "name" in black and white, but a warm, loving human....very sad.