Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Beatles by Bob Spitz

I have a habit of writing about books before I finish reading them, a habit I was determined to break with The Beatles by Bob Spitz. This book has been the subject of internet buzz, a lot of it negative. There have been charges of a lot of errors in this book so that, added to the fact that I’ve read a LOT of books about the Beatles made me less than excited about yet another biography about them. I knew the story all too well to want to read another one.

But, my resistance could only last so long and I decided to get it from the library and give it a go. It’s a LONG book and I have lots of things on my plate right now so my trip though this book is taking quite a while but I’m up to page 360 and – its amazing. The writing is wonderful and the research that Spitz did seems unmatched in any previous book about the fab four. He got behind the oft-told tales and interviewed lots and lots of people to get a perspective that hasn’t been seen before in most of the books on the Beatles life and career. Spitz tells this story in a way that makes it fresh and fascinating. Even though I haven’t finished it yet (they’ve only just recorded “Please Please Me” and I’ve read 360 pages already!!!!!!!) I’m about ready to declare this book as the gold standard in books about the Beatles. It’s that good.


c said...

this book is on my "to buy" list - what do you recommend as another good beatles bio?

Pam Pie said...

Oh yeah! I'm right about on the same page as you, literally and figuratively. This is my bible! I've highlighted so many passages that I'll want to look at again sometime. I love this book!

Anonymous said...

This is one book I'll have to check into.

from Stybba