Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember when some Irish band played the Super Bowl?

U2 lifted our spirits when we were still reeling from Sept 11, 2001. Note the iconic moment at the end of the song as Bono reveals the lining of his jacket:

Thanks to U2 Sermons for pointing me to it.


Anonymous said...

forget about U2's schizoid patriotism and check out frank zappa's 1969 offering: 'HOT RATS'

Hamalink's dogstar

exnihiloman said...

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c said...

"schizoid patriotism."
that's a new one. i kind of like that description. i think it's also known as "honesty."

Anonymous said...

In Bohno's case it really is true: "no matter how high the throne there still sits but(t) an arse"

the genius of Derrida and Levertov that continually outshines anything calvinism has to offer