Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Playing guitar with Keith and Kristyn Getty

This weekend is the annual Calvin Symposium on Worship and it once again promises to be a wonderful couple of days. I was most excited about Keith Getty, who is a modern hymn writer form Ireland. Getty composed "In Christ Alone" and a number of other great songs. I first heard of Getty when his album New Irish Hymns was released in the US under the name In Christ Alone. It was billed as a Margaret Becker, Maire Brennen and Joanne Hogg album, which is true, but they were only the singers. It was pretty clear that this was a Keith Getty album and it was wonderful.

Since then Getty has released three more albums of New Irish Hymns, (Vols 2 - 4) replacing Maire Brennan with Kristyn Lennox who later changed her name with Kristyn Getty when she and Keith married. The albums are only available as an import. I recently got all four of them and they're really good - what a fabulous collection of thoughtful and beautiful worship songs. He and Kristyn have most recently released an album called In Christ Alone. Some of the songs from this album appeared on New Irish Hymns but some are new. It's a great collection of songs for worship.

The most exciting part of this is that I got a call two weeks ago from Greg Scheer asking if I wanted to be in the band for the concert the Gettys are putting on on Sunday evening. Well, let me think about it for half a second - YES! So, on Sunday, Jan 28 I'll be in a small band playing guitar with Keith and Kristyn Getty. I'm pretty excited about it!

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