Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time for a new name for this blog?

Over two years ago when I first started writing on this blog I really didn't think about any long-term ramifications of it. Blogging was still, for me at least, pretty new and I thought I'd play around with it. I chose the title for this blog, "Bob's Bloggery," on a whim and now I've lived with it for nearly two and a half years. I've continued to blog and have enjoyed communicating with friends and strangers this way. Plus, I've used this as an opportunity to "think out loud" about things I'm reading, watching and listening to.

On the one hand, the title I quickly selected is right on target using both my name and a made up word which refers to blogging. But now I'm wondering if I should try to come up with something better. The word "bloggery" sometimes strikes me as somewhat silly and I think that maybe I should find a better name. Something artsy and cool rather than, you know, pedestrian and uncool.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Should I try to find a new name or is "Bob's Bloggery" probably the best I can do?

EDIT (4/20/07) - Well, after a week with nary a comment I can assume one of two things, either nobody but me cares or people care but have no better titles for me. (I suppose it is also possible that nobody read this post so if that's the case then it REALLY doesn't matter what I call the blog.) So, unless I come up with a title that I can't resist, Bob's Bloggery will continue to be called that.

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