Thursday, April 21, 2005

Constant Comments

Comments are, in some way, the coin of the realm in blogland. I know that I read a number of blogs and almost never comment – not because I don’t value the post that I read but either because I have nothing constructive to say or, to be honest, because I’m too lazy to leave a comment. So I tried yesterday to leave a few comments on some of the blogs I frequent but it’s hard to keep it up. Bethany and I talked about it and she suggested that no comments are better than mindless ones. She occasionally gets comments (on her Xanga blog) like “congrads (sic) on having a great day!” from people she doesn’t know and she suggests that this is more annoying than helpful. On the other hand, blogging without feedback does make one wonder if anyone cares.

This might seem like a shameless plug for comments – and it sort of is – but not just for me. I think that many of us ought to make more comments than we do. If we value the fact that others blog we should support it in the best way possible, with comments. I’m going to try to do better.


bethany said...

the other thing about having mindless comments is you start to anticipate something good and it turns out to be "great site, check out mine!" or "I like chocolate too."

Now, there's a fine line between friendly assent/appreciation and "Im commenting so you'll visit my blog." I don't mind the occasional "good post" or "I agree with you" (and sometimes deliver them myself) from people I know. Especially if it's not on every post, so I know they mean it.

Bob K said...

You're right, Bethany. And many posts really require no response. For example, most of my readers (both of my readers?) probably didn't care a whole lot about the book I reviewed in the previous post. In fact, some of them may have not even read the whole thing but if they did read it they probably didn't have much of a personal response. So I guess I'd like to refine my post to say "if you have something to add, please do."

Is blogging conversation or monologue?