Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Talking Jesus and Moses dolls

Dean pointed to this site which reports on a company which will market talking Jesus and Moses dolls. They intend to have a Mary and David too. That people are trying to make money off of Jesus is nothing new but this strikes me as a particularly egregious attempt. Moses recites the ten commandments when you push the button on his back.

What I really wonder, though, is ... who buys this stuff?

Here's my favorite line (emphasis added): The company has hired a marketing firm with expertise reaching out to churches and church schools to generate sales, Livingston said. "In the beginning we don't feel it'd be right to put it in Toys R Us and be next to a Barbie or a Bratz," he said.

You think maybe the marketing expert would have said "if you're going to make a Jesus doll, don't have his partner say thou shalt not make any graven images."

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