Sunday, February 05, 2006

Back From St Louis

Two conferences in two consecutive weekends is enough to make one fell a little strange but they are both behind me now, I had a great time and learned much.  My recent trip to St. Louis went well and the conference either got better as it went along or else I got the hang of it.  Next year I’ll be presenting to this group (APCE) when they gather in Philadelphia.  It was good to see Carolyn Brown again, who was with us at the worship symposium just last weekend.  I got to hear Eric Law, Elizabeth Caldwell and Kris Haig speak as well as the people I mentioned in my earlier post.  Law was the keynote speaker and he did about nine hours over three days on diversity and communication.  He started out a bit slow, I could have used a road map for where he was going, but I got some good ideas from him.  It was also good to meet some new folks and reconnect with the editorial and marketing staff at Faith Alive Publishing.  They gave away half-price coupons for the Christmas plays Laura and I have written for them at the breakfast.

But we’re finally home and getting geared up to really start this new semester which actually started a week ago.

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