Thursday, February 16, 2006

Coming late to the 'Lost' party

I found a great price on the Lost Season One DVD set and, even though I wasn’t immediately grabbed by the pilot, I like JJ Abrams’ work on Alias and so I wanted to like Lost. Watching broadcast television is hard for me because I have to remember to tape it (no, I don’t have a Tivo) and then I have to label the tape and, well, you get the idea. I’ll do it for a few shows that I really want to see but can’t have too many in rotation. The tapes get confused and I get really frustrated if I miss an episode - I'm a little compulsive about things like that. So when Lost first came on I had Alias and West Wing and that was pretty much all I could handle. Plus, as I said, it just didn’t grab me.

It turns out that I like almost everything better on DVD. I like knowing that the last episode is already there waiting for me. I like not dealing with commercials. I like the picture and sound quality and I like the convenience of being able to watch it whenever I want to without tapes stacking up and feeling like I’ve mislabeled something.

But, since I could get Lost pretty cheap I picked it up and I loved it. It got better as the season went on. The flashback method of telling the back-story of the castaways works really well and the mysteries on the island are a great way to move the interpersonal story along. This show is well cast, acted, directed and shot. No wonder it won a Golden Globe Award. I am now a fan.

So, can I dive into season two in the middle or do I just wait for the DVD?


Nathan said...

well, you really need to watch at least the first episode of season 2. plus the one that tells the back story of the tail section survivors. you could buy them in iTunes for $1.99 each, and then you could dive in to season 2.

James Stewart said...

Yeah, I'd either wait for the DVD or download the season so far. You could probably catch up on everything through different websites, but it'd be hard work.

I definitely prefer it on DVD or download. I watched Lost on TV for the first time in ages last night (in a hotel room, we don't have cable so don't bother with broadcast TV) and it felt like the commercial breaks cheapened the experience and increased the melodramatic effect.