Monday, March 20, 2006

Preparing for Philip Yancey

This week Wednesday my kids and I get to play at an event run by the publisher of Philip Yancey’s next book. Yancey is going to talk to the sales reps about his forthcoming book on prayer and my kids (Meredith, Bryan and Lynnae) and I were asked to supply the music. So last Thursday I get a call on my office phone from Philip Yancey saying “Hi Bob. This is Philip Yancey. I understand we’re going to be doing an event together.” We then proceeded to chat for a while about what was going to happen at this event.

Did you catch that? Philip Yancey called me and it wasn’t a wrong number!

So we’ve been busy here at the beginning of spring break getting music ready and practicing. I wish Bethany could be here to join the fun but we’ll just have to make due without her. We’re pretty excited.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. The Van Keeley Family Singers strike again!
kb (can't remember my username or password, so I'm back to anonymous)

o1mnikent said...

Sweet. Someone at my church in Lansing heard him speak on the subject a few weeks ago and said he did a really good job.

And, this is just the wierdest coincident, but Philip Yancey called me last week, but he had the wrong number.

(the above was a joke. actually, just the second part)