Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 3, 1956 West Michigan Tornadoes

My wife and her parents survived the 1956 Hudsonville Tornado and my mother-in-law placed pictures on the internet at April 3, 1956 West Michigan Tornadoes. I can't link directly to the pictures but if you go to "start viewing," -> "search" and then search by source and select "VanderKooy, Marjorie" you'll find pictures. The little girl in the pictures is my wife, Laura. Her family lost their garage, breeze-way and the roof to their house but they were fine because they drove away - just what you're not supposed to do (this is not their car in the photo - it belonged to a neighbor). EDIT: Yes, it was their car! They had two cars and drove the other one away because it was more likely to start quickly.

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