Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why the 'top Beatles song' searches?

Last week my number of hits suddenly went way up because people started searching for top ten Beatles songs and come upon my list. My question, though, is why the sudden interest in that? I've tried to do a search but something somewhere must have triggered the interest in top Beatles songs and I have no idea what it was. Perhaps one of the visitors to my blog who gets here that way can enlighten me.

Looking at what triggers hits is always fascinating. I continue to get the occasional hits on my review of Rita Springer's album which really surprises me because I didn't like it that much and she's a pretty obscure artist but I think that's actually what helps. There aren't many websites with reference to her on it so those who look often come to visit me. I also get a fair number of hits because of my recent platinum weird post. This is a group that has generated some buzz because of a connection to George Harrison and a sense of playfulness and mystery about who they actually are. I also continue to get occasional hits about U2, especially about Bono and his use of Coexist. I haven't posted much about U2 lately but I'm listening to them just as much as ever. Bono is coming to Grand Rapids to speak in about two weeks. I'm hoping he'll stop in at Calvin College and say hello - not just to me personally but that would be nice too. (By the way - note this news report from Calvin that points out that we lead the state in results on the teacher certification test.)

So the 'what brought people to my blog' game is a lot of fun for me. I enjoy seeing that I get visitors who come by way of Bethany, Ron, Kent and a few others who I know only through blogland (like U2 sermons and scatter o' light).


Beth said...

I wonder if it has anything to do with the surviving Beatles' having recently made their songs available for digital download after resisting that for years?

Happy Easter btw.

Bob K said...

Good point, Beth - the jump in searches does correspond with the day that Neil Aspinal testified and talked about it. But so many of the searches have amlmost exactly the same wording and they come from all over the world that I'm wondering if some particular Beatles site urged people to make their own list or something like that. It was just too sudden and too specific to just be from that Digital Download news item.

Happy Easter to you too!

c said...

would you believe my site set its "visits" record because of bono's haircut? pretty funny.

i hope he stops by for a visit with you :)

Ticket to ride said...

I predict a second wave of beatlemania. Second-generation nostalgia.

Ron Hatton said...

Also, Volume 2 of the Capitol albums came out recently, so that may have something to do with it.

Ron Rienstra said...


After I brought the kids to the set of Disney's "Phil of the Future" and posted on my blog a picture of Miriam with Alyson Michalka, I got LOTS of hits from people all over the world. It was a little freaky, since some of the searches included not only Alyson's name, but some of the words you might expect from someone trying to exploit the internet's single largest industry. IYKWIM. Yeesh.