Monday, December 12, 2005

Top 10 Beatles Songs

Top 10 Beatles Songs – Terry Ott gave his top ten list of Beatles songs and, I think his list is great. That inspired me to make mine. Mine is quite different from his and leans quite a bit more towards McCartney than his does. I also realize that by tomorrow, things might change. Of course, tomorrow never knows. And yes, I know that my top ten list has 13 songs on it. Big deal.
1/ Penny Lane
A brilliant melody combined with a killer arrangement. My all-time favorite Beatles song.

2/ Hey Jude
The song that reminded all of us in 1968 that these boys could write.

3/ I Saw Her Standing There
Was there ever a more brilliant opening to a debut album?

4/ Can’t Buy Me Love
One high point among many of the Hard Days’ Night era.

5/ We Can Work It Out
A song completely unremarkable except that it is pop music perfection.

6/ She Loves You
Just what America needed to convince us that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” wasn’t a fluke.

7/ Yesterday
I'm sick of hearing it but can’t deny that it’s still one of the greatest songs of all time.

8/ Let It Be
Paul at his piano-ballad best.

9/ Something
George has a hit. A beautiful melody, well performed with a nice arrangement even if the title was nicked from James Taylor.

10/ I Feel Fine
Another brilliant pop song. This is from the era when it seemed like the Beatles could churn out this kind of pop wonderfulness avery three months, which, of course, is what they were doing.

11/ While My Guitar Gently Weeps
George nails the writing, Eric nails the playing.

12/ Back in the USSR
The Beatles show that they can do Beach Boys music.

13/ Taxman
A wonderful example of great early George Harrison. A great opener to what is perhaps their best album, Revolver.

I list my favorite Beatles albums here.


Ron Hatton said...

Great, Bob! But now I have to try my hand at my own top ten! ;-)

Bar Bar A said...

Great list, inspired me to put on some Beatles

Anonymous said...

Can't Buy Me Love would never make it on my toppers list. May I add..

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