Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dark Angel

It was a DVD Christmas at my house (again) and one of the DVDs that I got was the first season of the show “Dark Angel.”  I’ve actually never seen the show before and suggested that I get it for Christmas because it was $17.88 at Meijer and I figured that it would cost me more than that to rent it at Blockbuster so I got it.

I watched the two-hour pilot episode (which in TV time is actually only about 90 minutes long) on the day after Christmas and really enjoyed it.  I was looking forward to watching the next episode when I woke up early (as I typically do), long before anyone else got up only to discover that the DVDs were gone.  Meredith thought it might be fun to watch the DVDs in her room late at night on her new laptop computer so I haven’t seen past the first episode.

However, so far I’m hooked.  The last time I was hooked like this was when I saw the first episode of Alias so I have high hopes for this show!  Now if I could only get my DVDs back…


Bar Bar A said...

I used to watch this with my son...Jessica Alba was the first girl he "liked" and he still "likes" her.

JB said...

I am a big fan and just watched the first season for about the fourth time, will be starting second season tomorrow.

Given the rumor I just read that the Honor Harrington fan game of who will play Honor in the movie may be a reality I think that Jessica is the right choice (