Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dont Give Up - Peter Gabriel, Bono and Alicia Keyes

Bono and Alicia Keys have done a remake of Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up” which you can listen to here (direct link to quicktime stream). Listening to it (which, on first listen didn’t get me real excited but it’s growing on me) did make me want to go back and listen to one of my all-time favorite albums, So by Peter Gabriel. This album was given to me as a Father’s Day present when Bethany was very young. I have a pretty clear memory of making a tape of it for my car and listening on a short trip when I was concerned that Meredith and Bryan might be born early (the link shows you what they’re up to these days).

The album itself is, simply, a masterpiece. I haven’t been a close fan of Gabriel’s work but other things of his that I’ve listened to haven’t come close to matching this album in excellence. “Don’t Give Up,” sung as a duet with Kate Bush, is simply stunning in it’s beauty. “Red Rain,” “In Your Eyes” and “That Voice Again” are perfect examples of Gabriel’s ability to make a moody piece that has a melody that doesn’t leave your head for quite some time. Then there is the mega-hit “Sledgehammer” and it’s twin “Big Time” that shows that Gabriel knows how to craft songs that have a groove as deep as the grand canyon.

The playing, especially by bassist Tony Levin, is outstanding and the singing is emotive and exceptional. Peter Gabriel shows that emo is not a new thing. If you haven’t heard this album do yourself a favor and find it and listen.


Bar Bar A said...

Great post as usual. I heard about th is but had not actually heard it. I am going to link to this if you don't mind.

The Senior Bushra said...

Great song, do you know where the song could be bought from?

Bob K said...

The song will be available from itunes on Dec 6.

meredith said...

so sweet show right?