Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Beatles on Ready Steady Go - 1964

Here is a great video clip from March of 1964 when the Beatles appeared on the British TV show Ready Steady Go. It shows them happily lipsyncing to two of their songs and also includes a delightfully trite George Harrison interview. I love the beehive hairstyles on the fans.


Beth said...

Oh, that is fantastic. I love "You Can't Do That," too. It's amusing how they don't even bother with having microphones in front of them as they lipsync.

Ron H said...

Bobby the K,
Many years ago, the Disney Channel showed a mess of eps from Ready Steady Go. I taped them (SLP, so it is lousy quality). I would love to see them released on DVD - what a treasure! I think Dave Clark owns the shows, cuz he introduced each episode. Anyway, it was great to see this. Good catch!