Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Heather Mills dancing saga continues

A big day here on my blog with three posts! But I couldn't resist this one either.

I have been following the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills story and haven't commented on it because I thought that they deserve to go through their personal pain without me adding to the ton of things being written about them. (Although the evidence that they check my blog daily is spotty at best.)

But now that Heather is going to be on Dancing with the Stars things just get stranger and stranger. This headline, though, is probably the strangest one yet: Heather Mills Says Her Leg Probably Won't Fly Off. In the original interview with her that this quote comes from she addresses the issue of her doing competitive dance with an artificial leg in a reasonable and lighthearted manner and I'm sure she said lots of other things in the interview but this, of course, is what gets pulled out.

It is really fascinating to see how some Beatles fans are calling for a boycott of the show and how the press is focusing their attention on Mills' unique situation - both physical and personal. Even though calling Mills a star is stretching it a bit - I'm not sure what she's done to put her in that category - the producers of the show struck gold when they hired her. They've had more publicity than I would have ever imagined. The cult of celebrity is alive and well.


c said...

once a celeb/person/whoever decides to go on a show like this, i really have trouble feeling bad for them when people start hurling the drama and sarcasm at them. i think she knows exactly what she is doing ;)

jimmy said...

I would be more likely to watch "Dancing with the Stars" if her leg did fly off. That would be comedy gold.

"And now they're going into a turn and... whoa! There goes the leg! Everyone who had minute 2 in their 'Heather Mills Leg Pool' is feeling really good right about now."