Sunday, July 24, 2005

School of Rock

Just about a year ago my kids gave me the film School of Rock on DVD and I just watched it again. It is one of my favorite films of all time. Jack Black strikes me as the kind of guy who could very easily get out of hand. I think he’s probably hard to work with and perhaps a director’s nightmare but he is really on target in this film.

Black plays a rock guitarist who clearly is high on enthusiasm but certainly low on accurate self concept and maybe even on talent. He ends up as a school substitute teacher and teaches the class to form a rock band that goes on to play in a battle of the bands.

As a school movie or a teacher movie it doesn’t have much to add to the list of great school movies (although there are certainly things in the movie that teachers or future teachers could discuss!), it’s more about rock and roll. When Black’s character is teaching his students about how to rock he has some wonderful lines like “raise your goblet of rock” and “one great rock show can save the world.”

When I saw the ads for this film I was so convinced that I would dislike this as both a school move and a music movie that I didn’t see it until my band-mates convinced me otherwise. I’m glad I took their advice. School of Rock rocks.

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bethany said...

trivia note: Almost Famous also includes a line something like "one of these guys is gonna save the world, and that means rock and roll can save the world, all of us together!"