Saturday, August 06, 2005

Back home

Yesterday, after a tearful goodbye to Bethany at about 9 AM we hit the road and began our trip back. We actually had to drive off the road on Georgia route 316 (between Athens and Atlanta) because a truck full of chickens tipped over. Chickens all over the place. 5000 of them - see the picture. Really - it was pretty funny except for all the dead ones. We had to drive on the median because the tipped over truck blocked the entire road. So our trip was eventful pretty quickly.

Then in Northern Georgia I drove over something on the road and got a flat tire. I managed to get the car off the road and we ended up by the on-ramp for a weigh station. Very loud with four lanes of traffic whizzing past us. So there I am on the side of the road in 95 degree heat changing a tire. We drove into Ringold (with the help of the Sheriff) and found a place that could sell us TWO brand new tires. 2 1/2 hours and $200 later we're on the road again. So, after many stops along the way we finally got to Bowling Green (just north of the Tennessee border) at about 6:30 EDT.

Today was much better – we got off to a good start in Bowling Green and then drove all the way home to Holland with no problems. It was good to see Meredith and Bryan again. We talked to Bethany on the phone and she is doing fine. (Ask her about the Sitting Bear kidnapping.) So it was a long trip but we made it and it’s good to be home.

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