Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The White Album - again

Long time readers of this blog will remember this post in which I urged my younger readers to listen to The White Album (actually titled The Beatles). I am in the process of listening to all my U2 and Beatles albums again on my commute (in order of course) and last night on my way to and from Tuna rehearsal I listened to the White Album yet again.

The interesting thing for me is that, before this morning, I probably wouldn't have listed this as one of the best Beatles albums (usually my list includes A Hard Day's Night, Revolver and Abbey Road). But this is such an amazing work of songwriting and recording that I can't imagine why I don't hold it in higher regard (like that's possible.) I remembered that one reviewer at the time wrote something like "this album now clearly demonstrates that Lennon and McCartney are the greatest songwriters since Shubert." Now, I don't know about the Shubert part but the sheer amount of great songs on this album is stunning.

Listen to it.

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