Friday, August 12, 2005

West Wing Season 2

I'm working my way through the second season of West Wing and I was really struck again last night while watching the episode entitled "Shibolleth" that someone in Sorkin's organization has a pretty clear idea of faith. The Chinese refugee spoke elegantly and eloquently to the President about his faith in a way that put it in a very good light. He was being asked by the President if he was really a Christian or just faking it to get into the U.S. Bartlett's response showed that he, too, really understood what faith was. In the previous episode he mentioned that he had gone to Notre Dame because he had thought about becoming a priest. Then it struck me - his first name is Josiah. The biblical king who heard the word of the Lord when it had been lost for years and repented on behalf of Israel. Coincidence?

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Ryan said...

my friend who lives in malibu just called tonight to say that she saw mr. pres (martin sheen) at his son's house after charlie's young son was somehow locked in the car by himself. hilarious. where was cj when he needed her?