Monday, May 22, 2006

Alias ends its run tonight

I know I have written about Alias more than a few times but tonight is the two hour finale to the series and, even though I have a meeting, I'll be taping it and ready to watch it as soon as I can.

This is a show that grabbed me right from the start. I don't think I missed a single episode when it was broadcast (I taped them when I couldn't watch - actually I taped them when I could watch too because you can never tell when someone will call.) I also bought the DVDs. I always checked the Television Without Pity forums after I watched the show. It is fun to read what other fans think about particular episodes. I'm sort of glad I didn't discover this Alias fan blog until just a few weeks ago or it would have taken more of my time.

I thought the pilot was one of the best two-hours of television I had ever seen. I enjoyed the pace, the filming and the acting. I thought Jennifer Garner was always believable in this unbelievable role and world that she lived in.

I liked almost all the characters, Sloane who's evil-one-minute-not-so-evil-the-next development has been great fun as the viewers try to figure out exactly who's side he's on. Even though we knew all along that he was only ever on his side. Jack Bristow's first moment in the pilot, when he told Danny "welcome to the family" has been a wonderful set-up for a character who has become more and more three dimensional as the series continued.

Fans generally agree that the third season was a let-down and I think they're right but I still liked it and enjoyed it a lot more on DVD, maybe because I knew the ending already. Things got better in season four and then season five hit the mark even more consistantly. I even liked the new characters this season and I hope they actually have an important role in the finale.

So it's farewell to Syd and Vaughn and the others. When does the Season Five DVD come out?

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KBush said...

Another suggestion - have you tried Numb3rs on CBS on Friday nights? It's a nerd show, but I've come to like it a lot...