Thursday, May 04, 2006

Alias is back

As I have mentioned before here (and here and here ) I am a fan of Alias. Like almost any show Alias has it's ups and downs and, while I've enjoyed it since it came back three weeks ago it wasn't until last night's episode that things really heated up for me again. I want to be fair to those who have not seen the episode yet but I especially like it when the major story arc moves forward in a big way and last night it did.

This is a show that it is easy to get snarky about because, let's face it - a spy who can do all the things Sydney does just isn't close to reasonable (not to mention getting from LA to DC in, like, 10 minutes) but the writers have had a couple of tricks up their sleeves as the series comes to an end and it feels like they are going to use these last few episodes to pull out all the stops. And, oh yeah, Rambaldi is back.


MattyA said...

You don't even understand how much you're torturing me! But that's ok - soon enough I'll be back in the states where I can catch up on all the time wasting habits I've given up in Budapest. What is it they say about patience again...?

Desiree said...

I saw that Bob had posted on letstalkalias and I was wondering if this bob knew a guy named Ryan Ricker who you were in YWAM Manasseh.
If not please excuse me and if so rock on! Please email him at Thanks for all your"help". I read your other blog. Very funny:)

Bob K said...

Sorry, Desiree - It was a different Bob - thanks for visiting, though!