Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Simpsons as philosophy

Thanks to Bethany for pointing me to this interesting article about the Simpsons!

The Simpsons as philosophy

I've written before regarding my enjoyment of the Simpsons. I think they do a better job of making comment about society than almost any other television show in recent memory. There is much to like in this show. I often wonder why I don't watch it when it is broadcast more faithfully - which means, really, ever. I think that because there is no conherant story line as in Alias or West Wing I am not afraid of missing an episode - that means that I have no problem missing a whole lot of episodes - I know I can always catch them on DVD. And I have a lot of them on DVD, since I've already got seven seasons worth! Ironically, the very thing that keeps many people from watching episodic television - the idea that they can't jump into the middle of the story - is what keeps me watching.

Anyway, the article makes some interesting points and uses what is perhaps my all-time favorite episode to do it, "Homer the Heretic."

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