Monday, June 06, 2005

CCM, worship music and Bono

I've written about my love/hate relationship with CCM before here and here so this is hardly a new topic for me. It's amazing though how, when I go into a Christian Book store and look at the music section, much of it leaves me cold these days. It just seems that someone somewhere has unnecessarily and unnaturally restricted the allowable topics in the music so that it has no soul anymore.

So it was great to read that Bono more or less feels the same way. Beth at U2Sermons pointed to an audio clip of Bono in which he is pretty harsh on much CCM and then mentions that worship music, on the other hand, is something he's interested in. He says:
"God is interested in truth, and only in truth. And that's why God is more interested in Rock & Roll music than Gospel."

It's a pretty short audio clip and it's really worth listening to. The fact that Bono calls much of CCM "happy-clappy" says that he's heard enough of it to have formed an opinion. He characterizes God's reaction to much of the music as - "please, don't patronize me!" As is often the case, Bono's offhanded quips cut to the core of an issue much more than my paragraphs do.

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