Saturday, June 18, 2005


Our lawn is yellow. This is not an unusual occurrence in the summer. In fact, it is a usual occurrence for our lawn in the summer. That’s because generally we don’t sprinkle. We don’t have underground sprinkling so we have to schlep a hose around the yard and then turn on the water in order for it to get wet. That seldom happens.

I prefer to think that if God had wanted a lawn to be green he would have sent rain. It really is, from a theological perspective, somewhat presumptuous of us to water our lawn. It’s as if we’re saying that we don’t trust God. The way I see it, you can tell how holy someone is by seeing how dry and yellow their lawn is in the summer. I am clearly the holiest guy on the block.

By the way, this often works in the winter as well – I trust God to send sunshine to clear my driveway of snow. Yup, it’s all a matter of having faith.

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wierdo52 said...

As a lawn-care professional (as of 2 weeks ago), I look upon your negligence with disdain. Aren't eerily green lawns in the natural order of the universe during summertime? After all, it only takes half the world's supply of fresh water, not to mention a few tons of fertilizers and pesticides, to keep it that way.

Sarcasm aside, I sympathize with your approach to sprinkling. Somehow it seems wasteful to spray our lawns with water when it's sunny and hot outside. Each season has its "look," and the summer one is definitely a bit brown.

But if you ever need someone to take care of your lawn, just give me a call!