Thursday, June 30, 2005

Shirley MacLaine - just as strange as ever

According to
"“Bewitched” star Shirley MacLaine isn’t a fan of the TV series that inspired the flick. “I didn’t like the show itself, but what I loved was that ‘Bewitched’ made witchcraft acceptable to the public,” the new-agey actress told the Toronto Sun. MacLaine plays the role of Endora, who in the TV version was played by Agnes Moorehead, who died in 1974. MacLaine, who believes in past lives and such, said: “I never met Agnes in person, but I talked to her recently and she’s doing fine.”"

Shirley MacLaine made headlines when her book Out On A Limb was published a number of years ago outlining her "interesting" beliefs. One wonders exactly how she talked to Ms. Moorehead.

By the way, the name of the witch she plays is Endora - this is a Biblical reference. Anyone know it?

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