Friday, June 16, 2006

Children at the Lord’s Table

As I have mentioned before, one of the issued being dealt with at the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church this year is Children at the Lord's Supper. Originally I, along with Laura and my pastor, Marv Hofman, wrote a report (called an overture) to Synod requesting that children be allowed to come to the table because they are part of the covenant. There were lots of reasons but that was a lot of it. Historically, the church has stated that people need to make a profession of faith to do that. For reasons I outlined here I believe that is not right. When our overture got to Classis Holland it was scaled back to ask for a study committee, not for the actual change. Today Synod voted to make the change - not for a study committee - but for the whole thing. In addition, they will form a task force to look at what profession of faith now means.

We're thrilled that Synod took this step and that children will now be welcome at the Lord's Table with their parents and grandparents. Thanks be to God.

Also, look at Mary's blog to see what important steps the church took regarding women. I am disappointed that they did not just get rid of the restrictions and allow women to be at Synod as well but Mary helps me see the (little bit of a) bright side of this one.


Ron Hatton said...

Although our respective ecclesiologies are very different, I wanted to comment that, in the Eastern Churches, both Catholic and Orthodox, children are communicated at Baptism and so receive from then on. Also, in your comment on Confirmation: Baptism, Chrismation and Communion used to all be done together in the ancient Church, and Eastern priests Chrismate our children at their Baptism - no bishop need be present!

suz said...

Thank you, your wife, and Marv for writing the overture. I was thrilled to read the article in the Banner and follow the discussion and subsequent vote. It is encouraging to know that portions of polity are reformed and always reforming.

Disappointment abounded in my household as well. Is there some way us CRC bloggers could organize around some of these topics?

All best to you!