Sunday, June 25, 2006

Family Wedding

Our family trekked to Ann Arbor for the wedding of my nephew Tim this weekend. Tim married Erica Postema and the wedding was wonderful. We had a great time and got a block of rooms at a hotel there where the entire VanderKooy family stayed. It was fun hanging out by the pool, sitting up with Laura's brother Dan and his wife Mary until midnight (something we old timers don’t do often) and seeing Bethany (who flew in from Georgia) and Laura’s sister Linda again (who flew in from South Dakota.)

We had fun fitting eight people plus all our luggage in the mini-van. Plus I finally got to see the Detroit airport from the outside.

The wedding was also on Laura and my 29th wedding anniversary. I'm a lucky guy.

Additional pictures at Meredith's blog here and here.

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