Saturday, June 17, 2006

World cup 2006

For reasons that pass understanding, I have gotten interested in the World Cup. I’m not really a sports fan and most of the time will find almost anything to do other than watch sports on TV. Sure, as a kid I liked watching baseball and, when I lived in Denver, had a short stint as a Broncos fan but really, for the most part, I’m just not a sports fan. (I'm not ignorant of sports - I know the rules and I know a few key players. I just don't care.)

Bryan’s success in high school tennis (winning state just a year ago) got me interested in professional tennis and I will often stop what I’m doing to watch tennis on TV but there is just something about seeing so much of the world excited in a series of tennis matches that I am finding irresistible.

As I write this I’m watching the USA-Italy game, which is perhaps understandable but I even got interested in watching yesterday’s Mexico-Angola game! My family is surprised to say the least but I’m really enjoying watching the games. I want the USA to do well but I'm more interested in the contest than in rooting for any particular team - of course I pumped my arms into the air and cheered when US got their goal so maybe I'm not as dispassionate as I pretend to be.

It doesn’t hurt that they use U2 music in the bumpers and the ads.


MattyA said...

Welcome to the club! Soccer is such an easy sport to watch and enjoy because it's so simple (just don't use your hands), yet so complex. But what makes the World Cup so special is the fans - the atmosphere can't be matched!

Bob K said...

Thanks, Matt. I think what did it for me is that I watched part of one and realized how much fun it was to watch these outstanding players contral the ball so well. Little known fact - I coached middle school soccer for six years. Yeah, I know - it doesn't seem reasonable but still it's true.