Saturday, June 03, 2006

U2 to work on new album this summer

According to this article U2 is going to start work on a new album this summer! Bono says he's been writing a lot of new music on the piano!

U2 can take a LONG time to get an album finished but you can't finish one until you start one and this is very good news for those of us anxiously waiting to see what they'll do next!


c said...

optimism is good! bono definitely sounds excited about making music. if you have heard the guardian podcast that those comments originally came from, he really sounds convincing. but bono and the truth are not always best friends. we'll see what happens.....

Ron Rienstra said...

Hey Bob,

So Bono is going to get back to singing, is he? Stephen Baldwin will be pleased. And probably God, too, according to this.