Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Kingdom of Rock Is at Hand - Christianity Today Magazine

I enjoyed this article, The Kingdom of Rock Is at Hand, from Christianity Today. The first paragraph descibes something close to me:

Show me an evangelical between the ages of 15 and 50, and I'll show you an evangelical who can tell this story (or something much like it): I used to listen to secular music, then I discarded it all and listened only to Christian music. Then I realized I didn't like much Christian music, so I slowly started listening to secular music again. Now I listen to the David Crowder Band in the mornings and Radiohead on the drive home.

This isn't exactly me - I never "gave up" secular music completely but I certainly put a lot of my energies into Christian rock for many years. I have been disappointed with Christian music of late even though I do like the David Crowder Band. It seems to me that the author really nailed it - at least at the beginning of the article.

So, anyway, go read it - Calvin College is mentioned.

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