Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog I read

In the spirit of DeLurking Week, here are some blogs that I check regularly. In many of these cases I know the people who blog and have commented but there are a few which I don’t know and have no idea that I check their blogs faithfully. I'm glad and thankful that I get to read what these people write. Thanks to bloglines I always know when new posts arrive.

My daughter Bethany has a great blog. It is thoughtful and fun. She is also the primary blogger on the blog of "unnecessary" quotation marks on which I am an occasional contributer. I wish she would post more often but she’s in grad school so I understand. Other family members (especially Meredith) have blogs too but they post a lot less often and Meredith mostly uses hers for pictures. Bethany’s friend Jim has a blog which has no RSS feed which makes me actually go look at it instead of using bloglines.

Other people I really know:

  • My good friends Ron and Deb have a great blog – lots of fun, smart, witty and cool.
  • Bethany’s friend and now also my friend Kent has a fun blog when he posts which, due to being in seminary, is also less frequent than I’d like.
  • Mary’s blog is called Preaching to the Choir and I always find her posts interesting and enjoyable.
  • Nathan has a number of blogs going since he’s the official blogger for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship but I find his personal blog more fun.

People I only know from the internet but who now also know me:

  • Beth from U2 Sermons has been a great person to learn from and to discuss ideas related to faith and U2. Her blogs are always informative and interesting.
  • And speaking of U2, Cara at Scatter O’ Light has good U2 thoughts as well. I’ve gotten to know her a bit off-blog and that’s been great.
  • My web-friend Father Ron Hatton, who I have also talked to on the phone a few times doesn’t post often but I’ve truly enjoyed his friendship.

Blogs from people who don’t know me at all:

  • Crummy Church Signs is just what it says and it loads of fun.
  • Kinda Kitchy which points out crummy Christian merchandise.
  • Finally film and music critic Jeffrey Overstreet has his Looking Closer blog which I also read daily and enjoy a lot.


Beth said...

Thanks for the kind words Bob. Happy Thanksgiving!

ジョエル said...

I drop in on this blog occassionally. As a fellow Beatles fan, I enjoy the music reviews

c said...

happy thanksgiving, bob.

personally, i always enjoy your beatles ruminations...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Bob! It's always nice to see lurkers come out of the woodwork! God bless! Oh, and pray for Diesel at Mattress Police. He lost his brother-in-law today, who was a believer as well.