Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Loving the Beatles

Love, the new album of Beatles music has arrived and I’m loving it. This album is a mash-up of songs and sounds from the Beatles recording sessions artfully pieced together by 81-year-old Beatles producer George Martin and his son Giles. To give you an idea of what it sounds like imagine the vocal from “Within You Without You” superimposed over the drum and drone of “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Ringo sings “Octopus’ Garden” over the strings from “Good Night.” That’s the sort of thing that happens throughout the 78 minute soundscape that is Love. As if this weren’t enough fun, the songs, many of which are presented in almost complete form, are remixed to point where they sparkle and shine. I’ve never heard these songs sound so alive as they do on this recording. Even songs like “Yesterday” which, let’s face it, have been played a LOT, sound new and fresh. The string part has a clarity that I never heard before. Plus, since there is no expectation that these mixes sound like the original you get to hear parts that may have been buried before. For a Beatles nut like me this album is hours of fun.

The Martins have done a wonderful job and have placed this music together in a way that has added a new dimension to an already wonderful catalog. Those who say “you can’t do that” can always go back and listen to the original albums. This isn’t meant to take their place, it’s just another way to enjoy the music that stands at the foundation of modern rock and pop music. If you’re a fan of the Beatles you’ll find plenty here to like with lots of surprises – times where you’ll say “I recognize that – what song is it part of.” Love is hardly all you need – you also need all the original albums – but it’s a great way to find new things to like in these wonderful songs.


bethany said...

I think part of the appeal of Love is that it sounds like it COULD have been the original - it's still George Martin and Beatles sounds, and they had strane rhythmic stuff, layers, and juxtapositions in the originals too. It feels authentic, I guess.

kristen said...

A great review! I thought maybe the novelty would wear off after I became used to the different transitions from song to song. BUT I keep finding new things to love!

Coch said...

I don't understand how a true fan a the beatles can say something good about this commercial crap.

It's not the Beatles, it's songs from the Beatles all mixed up in a very senseless way. It's a shame to make money with that, knowing that the new generations can still listen the great records made by the fabs.

I'm only 27, I love the Beatles since I'm a child, and I never needed anything else than the original records from our geniuses.

I'm afraid kids will discover the beatles with such a record... forgetting all the originals.

It's not a beatles album, it's a "thing" made for Martin who really should go to retirement home. (maybe money he'll make with that will pay him a good room with a nurse)

I wonder what Lennon and Harrison would think of such a intellectual shame