Monday, March 07, 2005

New Music

I can easily get into musical ruts, where I listen to a lot of the same old stuff over and over. This past winter I listened to music in my car in a typical me" fashion by playing through a lot of artists or sets in chronological order - so, for example, I played all my Eric Clapton from the first Cream album until, I think, Money and Cigarettes, when I took a pause from this system. I have a 6-CD changer in my car and so I listened to a Clapton every 6th CD. Yeah - pure geek.

Anyway, I got some free itunes songs from Pepsi caps and started getting some new music. Around the same time Bethany played me some music from the soundtrack to Garden State and introduced me to Frou Frou. I was taken with both albums and bought one and downloaded the other through itunes.

[Funny Garden State story - I went to Best Buy to buy it and asked the 22 yr-old clerk where I could find it and she said "Oh, that's a great album. I love that one." She stopped in her tracks and turned and looked at me (looking , I'm sure, at least my age) and said "is this for you or is it for somebody else?" Thanks - I feel much younger now.]

Then my friend Ron gave me the new Tori Amos album. I hadn't really listened to Tori Amos before and I LOVE IT! Finally, after Gideon Strauss noticed my blog I started clicking around on his blog and his daughter Shimmer posted about a band called Eisley and I listened and liked it too! Bethany said they were on her list so I figured I might as well get their album Room Noises. So I downloaded that one from itunes. I haven't had this much new music in my life in a couple of years.

Pretty exciting. Thanks to all my influencers!

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