Thursday, March 17, 2005

So Much More

I haven't yet written anything about So Much More by my good friend Debra Rienstra and I really need to do that because it's wonderful. I'm only about halfway finished with it (grading and writing have taken up most of my spring break so far) but I am really enjoying this book. Debra is a fabulous writer - she has the ability to address very complex ideas in a way that describes them clearly and succintly. This book is not Christianity for Dummies. It is far too articulate and intellectual for that. It is, however, Christianity for Beginners. Even so, I, a seasoned believer, am finding wonderful new ways of thinking about the Christian faith that are enriching my life. This would be a great book to give to a thoughful friend who is thinking about Christianity.

EDIT: I got caught up in the book today when I should have been grading papers and I finished it. It is wonderful throughout. Debra even addresses the issues of pain and evil with gentleness and a wonderful combination of both an academic and pastoral heart. This is a book about the heart of Christianity written for those who's heart is very close to their mind.

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