Wednesday, March 16, 2005

U2 inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame // U2 inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame // 2005-03-15

Another reason to like U2: How many bands are there that have been around as long as U2 and, when they do concerts, don't just do oldies? Not many. Let's think this through.

As much as I like Paul McCartney (and I like him a lot), nobody really wants to hear "Driving Rain" instead of "Sgt. Pepper." Even if he did a concert that was a 50/50 mix of old and new people would be irritated. In fact, for his last ten albums or so, he plays two or three on the tour (assuming there is one) and then they are never performed live again. Even though Flaming Pie was hailed as one of his great albums he played NOTHING from it on the tour to support the album that came after that one on the US leg of the tour and one song in Europe. I'm not just picking on McCartney here. As I said, I really do like him a lot - even his new stuff.

Are there any other artists who didn't become an oldies band? The Grateful Dead managed to pull it off, mostly because they had no hits. It's easy not to get stuck playing your hits if you have none.

The Rolling Stones? Oldies band.

Yes? Oldies band (although on the last tour they did play "Mind Drive" which was a real kick).

Are there any bands that you can think of who managed to have hits a long time ago and can still pull off doing "fresh" concerts?

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Beth said...

I would like to know if any RNRHOF induction speech has ever mentioned God as much as Springsteen's did.