Monday, March 14, 2005

Stan Grenz

I learned late last night from Bethany that Stan Grenz passed away. I'm stunned and saddened by this. I met Stan just once, about six weeks ago. I heard him and his wife Edna speak about worship at the Calvin Symposium on Worship and the Arts and then, about a half hour later, at the dining hall Stan sat with me at lunch. We had a wonderful chat about many things including postmodernism, the joys of being co-presenters with our wives,and ministry to children. Stan was very supportive of my work and gave me some good advice regarding my recently submitted book - it turns out I'm working with the same editor that he has worked with on a few books.

I was impressed with Stan's wonderful manner and his obvious concern for other people as well as his quick mind and grasp of detail as well as concept. I liked him a lot.

To read more about Stan, go to emergent-us: Brian McLaren Remembers Stan Grenz.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, I'm sorry for your loss.